Pet Urinalysis

A urinalysis provides valuable information about a pet’s kidneys, bladder, liver, pancreas, and other organs. It can also aid in determining a prognosis and response to a specific treatment, making it an important laboratory test. Connecticut Veterinary Center is equipped with a new, cutting-edge advanced urine analysis machine to provide the best possible results, including its ability to provide high-resolution digital images. This machine also allows for faster diagnoses than traditional machines and less waiting time for you and your pet.

Performing a Urinalysis

The process of testing urine using our advanced urine analysis machine involves:

  • Turbidity (color/cloudiness) assessment:  to aid in the diagnosis of underlying disease
  • Gravity (concentration) measurement:  to aid in the diagnosis of dehydration
  • pH (acidity) measurement and chemical analysis:  to aid in the diagnosis of infections underlying disease
  • Microscopic exam of cells and sediment:  to aid in the diagnosis of infections, bacteria, and a number of other conditions

If you would like to schedule a urinalysis for your pet or would like to learn more about our advanced urine analysis machine, give us a call.