Dog & Cat Vaccinations in West Hartford, Kensington & Windsor

Dog and Cat Vaccinations in West Hartford & Kensington, CT

When you bring a new pet home, one of the first things you should do is schedule their vaccination appointment with us. Dog and cat vaccinations protect your furry family member from potentially deadly and highly contagious diseases. While a puppy or kitten is nursing, they get powerful antibodies from their mother’s milk that protect them. When you bring your new bundle of joy home, they don’t get those powerful antibodies anymore. Plus, the bigger they get the less they’re suckling from mama. Getting pet vaccinations during their first few months of life helps ensure they will be purring in your lap or running to see you at the door for years to come.

Essential Protection and Customized Service

Just like our array of services and locations in Connecticut, we can service many lifestyles with our pet vaccinations. All pets should get a series of essential or “core” vaccinations. We then consult with you about your pet’s lifestyle, addressing whether they’re a homebody or like to spend a lot of time outside. Maybe your pet is your travel companion and in that case, we may need to give them additional vaccinations.

The essential vaccinations for every dog include:

  • Distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza, and parvovirus (DHPP), or commonly called the distemper shot.
  • Rabies, which is required by law and can be contracted to humans.

The essential vaccinations for every cat include:

  • Feline viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirus and panleukopenia (FVRCP), also commonly called the distemper shot.
  • Rabies, which is required by law and can be contracted to humans.

Cat being held in a towel

When & How Often Dogs & Cats Should be Vaccinated

In a perfect world, every pet would get their initial set of vaccinations at six to eight weeks old. This may not be the case if you adopt a rescue animal or don’t know the history of a new pet. We understand those circumstances at Connecticut Veterinary Center, because of our extensive history helping animals. After the initial round of vaccinations on a puppy or kitten, a series will be given every three to four weeks. Each series of vaccination boosters strengthens your pet’s immune system and when they get the last dose at around four-months old, they will be strong enough to take on whatever comes their way. Contact us with any questions or to schedule pet vaccinations today!