Our Veterinarians in Kensington Care for Pets

A happy dog

Connecticut Veterinary Center gives pet owners the choice of three different locations to visit for veterinary care. Among them is Connecticut Veterinary Center in Kensington, which is located in a house-like building in a cozy neighborhood. Though it’s a smaller veterinary practice, it’s welcoming to pets and owners. Our Kensington vets provide your dog or cat with exceptional care that’s centered on them, the same kind offered at our other facilities.

Our Kensington vets provide many great medical services to your pets on a regular basis, with the option to transfer them to our other locations, if needed. We all work together as one at Connecticut Veterinary Center, and whatever your family pet needs, you’ll find it for them here. Please consider Connecticut Veterinary Center for your pet’s future medical needs.

Our Kensington Veterinary Services

Our Kensington vets can meet a wide range of your pet’s basic healthcare needs, from preventive care to surgery to grooming. We understand how important your four-legged friend is to you, which is why we promise to deliver nothing less than high-quality care with a compassionate, professional approach. The following is an in-depth look of the services that we provide at Connecticut Veterinary Center:

Learn More About Us

If you would like to learn more about our services for your canine or feline companion, feel free to browse through our website. You can meet our Kensington vets, view our promotions, view our frequently asked questions, and more! To reach our Connecticut Veterinary Center Kensington location, call us at 860-229-8960. We look forward to hearing from you!